It’s Official NWS says “El Nino coming”

Last fall we had a huge fall of acorns. Now (end of summer another, light so far,  fall of acorns that started about 4 weeks ago (middle of summer). I called Max to gloat that this confirmed my theory about a coming El Nino event this winter. Now NWS has jumped on my bandwagon (non peer…

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I say mild El Nino 09-10

In some places the oak seedlings are so thick that it looks like six inch high ground cover. The quercus agrifolia last winter dropped a pretty big crop of acorns. Not as many as they dropped in winter 03-04 that preceded the 04-05 El Nino but still quite a lot. Since I believe the Quercus…

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exempt from public haunt

And this our life, exempt from public haunt, Finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, Sermons in stones, and good in everything. – William Shakespeare This time of economic turbulence and cultural apathy mirrors what Shakespeare presented as a duality between the realities of urban life and the romanticized vision of the Forest…

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Red Cliffs

Red Cliffs came about from noticing that landscape features: rock outcroppings, buttes, mountains and even grand trees are often named for whatever figures they evoke. In the red rock areas of the Four Corners states every landscape feature has a name: ships, cathedrals, lions, elephants, sleeping indians, maidens and takes on the status of great…

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What Does Splattobscurro look like

This is what it looks like; Notice how there are brushed lines, like the flicked on looking red boomerang shape and the baby blue circles. Notice how they have small flecks of obscurro from color that was applied by a rapidly moving brush that was expelling color as it moved. That is a characteristic of…

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This is Splattobcsurro

Splattobscurro was invented by Robert Aull (who coined the name and was the primary practitioner) in the early 1980’s. he continues to paint using the Splattobscurro technique as part of his oeuvre and is justifiably gratified as more and more artists reach the pinnacles of their careers with wide ranging attention because of their use…

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