Delage Component Drawings

These are links to pencil sketches of these components in the process of being restored. The files are kind of large and they are on a javascript that opens a new window for each one independent of your browser.

Clutch Fork Spring and fasteners | Dissasemble Cutout for plating and paint 1 | Dissasemble Cutout for plating and paint 2 | Generator Brush Cover, Front Cover and Bearing size | Generator Brush Assembly | Generator Terminal Assembly | Handbrake Cable | Klaxon Rear Cover and Terminals | Klaxon Front Cover and Diaphram | Light Switch "CODE" side | Light Switch "AVERT" side | Intake Manifold Gaskets | Intake Manifold Hardware | Shifter Housing | Shift Lever Mechanism | Starter Drive-shaft | Starter Brushes and Brushcover | Rear Brake parts | Brake Mechanism Parts | Parking Brake parts | Klaxon PL2B Photo
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