What Does Splattobscurro look like

This is what it looks like;

splatto detail 6

Notice how there are brushed lines, like the flicked on looking red boomerang shape and the baby blue circles. Notice how they have small flecks of obscurro from color that was applied by a rapidly moving brush that was expelling color as it moved. That is a characteristic of the of classic Splattobscurro. According to Aull, “Splattobscurro requires first brushed then splatto.” Not as some would have it a combination of the two or the other way around.

So according to Aull the technique requires a base of brushed figureation covered by splattered obscurration to be authentic.

This is Splattobcsurro

Splattobscurro was invented by Robert Aull (who coined the name and was the primary practitioner) in the early 1980’s. he continues to paint using the Splattobscurro technique as part of his oeuvre and is justifiably gratified as more and more artists reach the pinnacles of their careers with wide ranging attention because of their use of Splattobscurro.