Alex's party to celebrate his 50 years of teaching at Pierce

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Wow look at that cake!
Wesley and Yona with Alex
Jack taunts the class with a bottle.
Wesley presenting the commemorative collage.
Yona (in blue) helped organise
Down the hatch.
By the way, Joe blinked first.
This is most of us.
This is rest of us.

Alex Carrillo has taught at Pierce college since 1953. Since he didn't
get a gold watch from LAUSD for his service We wanted to show him in a simple
way what we thought of his conribution to our lives. I think every artist in
our drawing group has gained a tremendous amount of respect not only, thanks to
Alex, for our own abilities but also an appreciation and gratitude for Alex's
guidance. Alex's direct and respectful help has improved every artist in the group.
His beautiful, alternately delicate and forceful line gives his own drawing a
masterful quality of being casually tossed off with little effort. His drawings
glow with an inner light and are an inspiration to us all. This page is dedicated
to Alex in appreciation for the service he gives to us all.

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