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tantra digram
tantra diagram

I made a pile of both drawings and paintings based on an abstract conception of human chakra system.

I won’t go into what that is-if you don’t know give it a quick google. My drawings (I called them CANDLES) looked kind of like this on the right:

drawing, vajra 3
drawing, vajra 3

I have 30 more or less of these remaining in inventory. You can see a dozen or so elsewhere on my site. And also several versions of what I was calling the FOUNTAIN paintings.  (These also are available on my site) After making these versions for a couple of years I started to think of a way to enhance these in a format that would give me a three dimensional version and bring them closer to what I was contemplating as an illustration of the concept of INDRA’S NET. And to illustrate that “The Gods (artists) are extravagant with their creations.” The Chakra paintings and drawings, because they are extravagant, seemed like a good place to start.

still of one of the Autocad vajras
autocad vajra, detail

I removed color and shape information from some of the drawings and paintings then opened them in AutoCAD. I added back shape and volume to each component and spun them around a central core. To me they needed to have the effect of looking like a single node on the net.  I made a *gif to show a little piece of these:

As you may be able to tell from this little gif (be patient its a big file or right click and “open image in new tab”) that we are zooming into a 3D AutoCad rendering of one of my drawings. The black shapes on the flat plane are what the original drawing looks like before I puff it out to 3 dimensions. The original file has hundreds of layers and because it’s in AutoCAD of infinite size. If you have the free AutoCAD viewer on your box or at least ACAD2012 you can see this and rotate and zoom through it in real time. leave me a comment and I’ll send you a link to the original file.

autocad vajra
autocad vajra

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  1. Have you read Pablo Neruda’s poem where he references Indra’s net – absolutely beautiful like your art work. Makes me think how all things are interconnected/interdependent.. Love the colors.

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