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[2023] SOLO SHOW: Curated Creative, Albuquerque, May/June
[2023] SOLO SHOW: Exhibit 208, Albuquerque, April/May
[2023] Arts Thrive: art exhibition and benefit, Albuquerque Museum, March/April
[2023] Prospectus #268: Southwest Artists Series Purchase Initiative, State of New Mexico
[2023] ANNUAL GROUP SHOW: Exhibit 208, Albuquerque, February - March
[2023] GROUP SHOW: Exhibit 208, Albuquerque,January
[2023] FEATURED ARTIST: Elizabeth Firestone Graham Foundation, Albuquerque, January
[2023] PRINT 5: Thirsty Eye, Albuquerque, January - March
[2022] GROUP SHOW: Exhibit 208, Albuquerque,July - December
[2022] FEATURED ARTIST: Elizabeth Firestone Graham Foundation, Albuquerque, January
[2018] SOLO SHOW: Soraya Performing Arts Center, California State University Northridge
[2017] GROUP SHOW: Topanga Canyon Gallery, June
[2017] 7x7 COLLABORATION: With writer Tony Mancus: Axel Wilhite's online collaboration project
[2016]  NINE dot ARTS, Denver, Chosen for Prequalified List:
[2016] GROUP SHOW: Jason Vass Gallery, Los Angeles June
[2015] GROUP SHOW: Topanga Canyon Gallery, June
[2015]  IN THE ABSTRACT: Paintings and Drawings, Juanita Salazar Lowe Gallery, Imperial Valley College
[2014]  FOUR CORNERS: Paintings, The Artlook at Paulin Paris Gallery, Hawthorne, California, December
[2014]  WATERCOLOR: Galeria Gitana, San Fernando, California, December-January
[2014]  ARTIST TEAM: Mallinson/Jehle selected for the Los Angeles County Arts Commission Civic Artists Pre-Qualified List
[2013] OLYMPIC AND 26th STREET STATION: Santa Monica, California, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority: with Constance Mallinson, contract for 20 images to be transferred to metal tile  
[2012] SAGELANE GALLERY: Robert Aull Sculpture, Bill Jehle, Drawings, Curated by Patricia Correia, Santa Monica, October-December  
[2012] JURIED SHOW: Timeless Meditations: Mandalas & Patterns in Nature, Tubac Center of the Arts,Tubac, Arizona, October  
[2012] GROUP SHOW: Sangria Gallery, Encino, California, Curated by Charity Burnett  
[2011] JURIED SHOW: Topanga Canyon Gallery, Topanga, California. Juried by Craig Krull, January-February. 
[2009] JURIED SHOW: Topanga Canyon Gallery, Topanga, California. Juried by Laddie John Dill, January-February. 
[2008] DEPARTMENT of CULTURAL AFFAIRS and LOS ANGELES WORLD AIRPORTS, IN THE ABSTRACT: Terminal 1 LAX, October 2008 to March 2009, Curated by Mary Oliver.
[2008] BRAND 37: WORKS ON PAPER: Brand Library Glendale. Juried by Kim Abeles. PRIZE AWARD. 
[2008] DRAWING CENTER NEW YORK: Accepted into Artists Registry. 
[2007] GROUP SHOW: Los Angeles Art Association.  Los Angeles.  Under Oaks Series painting chosen by Juror Howard N. Fox of LACMA.
[2007] GROUP SHOW: Torrance Art Museum.  Torrance Civic Center.  Meditation Drawing. Juried by Lorraine Molina of Bank.
[2007] GROUP SHOW: Art Internationl, A Fine Art Fair.  Pasadena Center.  Under Oaks Series painting chosen from The Los Angeles Slide Registry.
[2007] GROUP SHOW: UNDER OAKS  The Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles.  Open Call 2007.
[2007] SOLO SHOW: UNDER OAKS  The HBO Corporate Gallery, Sant Monica.  Under Oaks Series paintings.
[2007] GROUP SHOW: NUDES  The Cross Gallery, Kansas City.  Ink drawings from the model and complete sketchbooks, February.
[2007] SOLO SHOW: UNDER OAKS  Leedy-Voulkos Art Center, Kansas City, February.  Recent paintings.
[2007] JURIED BENEFIT: SMALL WONDERS   Pharmaka Art, los Angeles.  Juried by Tyler Stallings, December.
[2006] JURIED SHOW:  Topanga Canyon Gallery, Group show juried by Chris Burden, January and February, 2006.
[2003] SKETCHBOOK SHOW:  Los Angeles Pierce College, Woodland Hills, CA, March and April, 2003. Curated by Bill Jehle, a group show revealing the process behind the product.
[2003] SOLO SHOW: CANDLES and FOUNTAINS:  Canessa Gallery, San Francisco, January. Recent paintings from Fountains series.
[2002] JURIED SHOW:  Topanga Canyon Gallery, Group show juried by Patricia Correia. PRIZE AWARD.
[2001] GROUP SHOW: DRAWINGS:  Moorpark College Gallery, October, 2001. Curated by Gerald Swigger. Drawings from the model.
[2001] GROUP SHOW: DRAWINGS:  Pierce College art Gallery, Woodland Hills, September, 2001. Curated by Alex Carrillo.Drawings from the model.
[1999] GROUP SHOW: GOLD  Skidmore Contemporary, Malibu, November, December. Artists who work with gold.
[1998] ENVIRONMENT:  Saint Johns Hospital and Health care Center, Santa Monica, CA. Environmental installation to showcase healing environments for the twenty first century featuring video and digital reproduction, Directed and produced by Deborah Roundtree.
[1998] GROUP SHOW:  Sadler Fine Art, Wendy Walker takes over the production office of MWP for three months starting in January, Hollywood.
[1993] LA ART FAIR:  Patricia Correia Gallery, Los Angeles Convention Center,December.
[1993] GROUP SHOW: THE PORTRAIT SHOW  Patricia Correia Gallery, Group show with the theme of portraits of any flavor ( I showed the 2 SECOND CHAKRA pastels) June and July, Venice, CA.
[1993] OUT AUCTION 93:  Curated by Robert Aull, Auction to benefit aids relief.
[1993] GROUP SHOW: INVITATIONAL  Patricia Correia Gallery, Group show, Venice, CA.
[1992] JURIED SHOW: LONG BEACH ARTS  Group Show juried by Peter Frank, Long Beach, CA.
[1992] GROUP SHOW: POINT OF VIEW  Patricia Correia Gallery, Group Show, Venice, CA.
[1990] GROUP SHOW:COCOLA  Group Show Robert ``Luch'' Michna takes over Cocola downtown, Cocola, Los Angeles.
[1990] ROBERT MICHNA FINE ART:  Group Show.
[1983] TWO PERSON SHOW:  Orlando Gallery, Sherman Oaks, CA
[1983] GROUP SHOW:  Saddleback College, Mission Viejo, CA
[1983] JURIED SHOW:  L A Artcore. Los Angeles.
[1981] JURIED SHOW:  OCCCA, Santa Ana, CA.
[1981] GROUP SHOW:  Saddleback College, Mission Viejo, CA.
[1978] JURIED SHOW:  First Biennial Juried show. Los Angeles Municipal Art gallery, Barnsdall Park, Hollywood.


[1983]L A Times Calendar. February 24, Review of show at Orlando Gallery.
[1981]Artweek, July24,Review of Saddleback College show.


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