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top front and left side floor box-2

Fits the passenger footwell of all Porsches® that share sheet metal with the Boxter® / 996. It functions as a passenger side footrest and raises the passenger's legroom up to about where pedals would be if they had pedals on that side.


front view no grill

Grill is 16ga steel perf. The mounting baffle is recessed almost 1" from the back of the grill so we can accomodate long throw woofs. The cutout is for a standard stamped frame 8 with about 4" depth. The box material is 5+ layers of fiberglass in epoxy resin (so no fumes in the car), engineered with no flat sides to maximize material stiffness.


FB3 floor box for JL 8W3

Same as the FB2 but with 3/4in more depth to accomodate the mighty 8W3.


front view with grill on

Installed with the carpet tucked in. However we send them "bare" that is, no screws, wire, carpet. There is a half inch plywood ring backing the mounting baffle to make it easier to attach the woofer. You can set t-nuts in that to make the mounting even more robust.

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