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kickpanel box

This is a box we make called the Kick Panel Box. It fits on the pasenger kick panel area. It conforms to the contours in all 996/997 type Porsche® Coupes and Targas, including Boxter/Cayman. Made with 5+ layers of 10oz bi directional cloth in epoxy with no flat sides, extra thickness in the baffle area and t-nuts to make woofer mounting easier. It fits most stamped basket 8's with a depth of 4.25in or less, like JL and Kicker.

drivers view

We send it "bare" that is, no screws, wire, carpet. There is a half inch plywood ring backing the mounting baffle to make it easier to attach the woofer. You can set t-nuts in that to make the mounting even more robust.

passenger door entry view

pasenger's view

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