Bill Jehle Projects

Category: painting

  • gardens and drive-bys

    These works are free form landscapes, if you will, meaning these are worked in what could be called a free style that allows the image to flow onto the paper without any preconceived idea of what it will look like. Inspired by the quiet and sublime beauty of New Mexico and Southern Colorado landscape and flower…

  • painted slowly, look slowly

    I was trying for a slightly more elemental expression. I like looking at dense multilayered jams but I was trying for a pulled back, cooler and maybe slightly more elegant image.

  • How We Made Anabasis

    What if we start constructing an image based solely on a GM grid with no predetermined outcome or image. That is a picture that is a picture of itself not of something else. To further isolate this from gestural and arbitrary mark making it was necessary to confine the lines and shapes to vertexes on…